Musicians to Play 'Taps' on a Memorial Day Without Parades

May 24, 2020

Memorial Day parades around the country are canceled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic and restrictions on public gatherings. But there’s an effort underway to salute fallen service members, musically.

Will Bixby has been playing trumpet since 5th grade. Now a junior, he’d planned to march in the Memorial Day parade as part of the Hudson High School marching band. Instead, he’s joining a nationwide effort set up by CBS News and retired Air Force bugler Jari Villanueva. They’re asking musicians to play “Taps” from their front yards, porches, and driveways at 3 p.m. on Memorial Day.

“I’ve always wanted to get a lot of people together and play ‘Taps.’ I think that’s so cool. Honestly, it’s a big honor to play in memory of those who have fallen.”

The “Taps” effort is inviting everyone to pause at 3 p.m. to pay tribute to fallen service members.

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Information on how to participate, along with sheet music, is available here.