Mike DeWine's Campaign Says He Supports Affordable Care Act's Pre-existing Conditions Coverage

Jul 16, 2018

Republican Gov. John Kasich and the Democrat who wants to replace him said Ohio needs to fight efforts to overturn the pre-existing conditions requirement for health insurers in the Affordable Care Act. Nearly 5 million Ohioans could be affected if that requirement were tossed out.

The Republican running for governor addressed the issue as well.

In announcing that the Republican ticket for governor will keep Medicaid expansion for 700,000 Ohioans, with work requirements and wellness programs added, Attorney General Mike DeWine’s running mate Jon Husted also said he and DeWine support for coverage for pre-existing medical conditions.

“Health insurance needs to be there when patients need it the most,” Husted said.

Democratic candidate Richard Cordray called on DeWine to join a lawsuit fighting that potential change to Obamacare. But a spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office said Ohio isn’t joining that suit because changes to the law should be addressed by Congress, and DeWine doesn’t agree with the defense of Obamacare in its entirety or in the restoration of the individual mandate’s tax penalty.