Microbrewery Taps Historic Tax Credit in Move to Cuyahoga Falls

Dec 25, 2017

The state awarded the Ohio Brewing Company a tax break of nearly $250 thousand to help revamp the Fox Buick Sales Building on Front Street into a restaurant, brewing space and arcade.

Co-owner Chris Verich said the move from their previous location in Akron will allow the brewery to expand four-fold.

“It’s going to give us an opportunity to improve our distribution and our production level in our new operation.”

The tax credit requires Verich to preserve the historic nature of the building. He plans on integrating the history of the former car dealership into the space.

The Ohio Brewing Company will be the fourth brewery to open in the neighborhood, an area Verich hopes could become a brewery district.

The state awarded historic tax credits to 22 other projects in 11 communities.