The Message from Lordstown to GM: "Whatever You Need, We Can Build It."

Nov 20, 2018

An effort to keep GM Lordstown operating brought nearly 300 workers, local business leaders, and political figures to the Auto Workers union hall. They came to launch the “Drive it Home" campaign. 

UAW Shop Chairman Danny Morgan speaks, with Tim Ryan, Jon Husted and Lordstown Mayor Arno Hill in the background

“Drive it Home” refers to selling General Motors on continuing to build vehicles at Lordstown if the Chevy Cruz goes away in the face of a declining small car market.

Lieutenant Governor-elect Jon Husted told the gathering the new state administration is committed to the case. “One of the very first visits that Mike DeWine and I are going to make is to Detroit to General Motors to talk to them about their future.’

Senator Sherrod Brown was on hand. He has talked with GM CEO Mary Bara.  “They’re keeping it pretty close to the vest and we continue to talk with them, as I continue to talk with the White House which has remained pretty quiet on this.  But I’m not going to give up.” 

Sherrod Brown, Senior Senator from Ohio

GM has already cut two of the three shifts at Lordstown

Danny Morgan is the Lordstown UAW Shop Chairman. Of the ‘Drive it Home’ campaign he says:

“This part is just another piece of the puzzle, to send a message on just how serious we are that we want to keep things going here in Lordstown. We’re willing to do things to be creative.  We’re willing to do things to keep the company profitable.  We just want a fair shake to get our members back to work.”