Manufacturing Network To Help Businesses Establish Manufacturing Apprenticeships Thanks to Grant

Aug 12, 2016

Greater Oh-Penn Apprenticeship Network consultant Jessica Borza says the goal is to train 300 apprentices in the next five years with the grant.

A five-year grant is helping a local manufacturing network create apprenticeship programs in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The $3 million grant from the Department of Labor was given to the Greater Oh-Penn Apprenticeship Network.

The network will create a model for manufacturing apprenticeships and reimburse local companies who use it.

Jessica Borza, the coordinator of the program, says it will help companies who have doubts about apprenticeships.

“There were some manufacturers that were curious about it but had some misperceptions about apprenticeships, thought it was a daunting process, and so what this grant does is allows us to work with them to develop a program that meets their needs.”

Borza says the goal is to train 300 apprentices in 5 years.

The program is available in 14 counties in Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.

Companies that sign up before September 30th will receive a $6,000 reimbursement per student.

The amount decreases $1,000 dollars per year after that.