Mahoning Valley May Lose Its Minor League Baseball Team

Nov 20, 2019

The Mahoning Valley Scrappers are one of 42 teams Major League Baseball may cut in a move to upgrade facilities and improve pay for minor leaguers.

The Scrappers are a short-season Class A team affiliated with the Cleveland Indians.

General Manager Jordan Taylor said attendance is strong and cutting any team on the list would devastate local communities.

"Over 40 million fans attend minor league games annually," Taylor said, "It provides a low-cost high-value entertainment option where fans and communities can see the future stars of major league baseball."

Taylor says the Scrappers hire a total of 200 employees during the season. Some minor league teams have that many players on their roster alone.

Major leaguers like Francisco Lindor, C.C. Sabbathia and Jose Ramirez got their starts with the Scrappers.