Lorain School Board President Responds to Letter Sent by District CEO

Aug 27, 2019

The president of the Lorain school board said there’s no risk that employees will not be paid. Mark Ballard responded to comments from the district's CEO David Hardy. Hardy wrote staff saying a restraining order from the school board would prevent him from hiring a new treasurer to handle payroll. Ballard called Hardy an "unqualified dictator."

“First of all, we know state law is never going to allow teachers who are doing their job to not get paid, or public employees not to get paid. So that was a false narrative that he put out.”

David Hardy did not respond to request for comment. The dispute between Hardy and the board has come to a head with the resignation of the district treasurer. Hardy accepted the resignation but the board did not and filed suit. Ballard said he’s been in contact with the state superintendent of schools for assistance.