Local Store Continues to Sell CBD Oil, Despite Pharmacy Board Ruling

Sep 17, 2018

While some stores are pulling CBD or Cannabidiol products from their shelves following a state pharmacy board directive,  one local store continues to sell it.

In a late August ruling, the pharmacy board said the only legal way for CBD Oil to be sold in the state is through a dispensary licensed by Ohio's new medical marijauana program, which was supposed to start September 8 but has been plagued by delays.   

The president of Seven Grains Natural Market in Tallmadge thinks the board’s notice has no merit. David Krieger adds that his store is not under the Pharmacy Board’s jurisdiction. 

Seven Grains’ outdoor sign says that it still sells CBD oil, and Krieger plans to advertise this on additional billboards in the area. 

“There’s a lot of people out there putting themselves in the position to control the industry, and so what we saw coming out of the Ohio Board of Pharmacy seems to be influenced by the dollar signs on behalf of the dispensaries that want control of it.”

CBD Oil is derived primarily from hemp. It does not contain THC, the chemical that produces a high. The pharmacy board says CBD oil must go through the same testing procedures and comply with the same rules as actual marijuana.  

Correction:  This story has been updated.  It originally stated CBD Oil was derived from marijuana.