Legal Battle Between Ohio AG and Planned Parenthood Over for Now

Jan 8, 2016

A courtroom fight over what happens to fetal remains from abortions had Attorney General Mike DeWine and Planned Parenthood trading legal moves. But Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports that battle has ended, at least for now.


Planned Parenthood had gone to court to stop DeWine from trying to block its operations after an investigation that he said revealed aborted fetal remains were being disposed of in landfills, which he said violated state regulations. A spokesman says DeWine is satisfied now that Planned Parenthood has changed the providers it used to deal with remains, but Planned Parenthood’s Stephanie Kight says her organization never did anything wrong.  

“Well, the Attorney General backed down when he realized – I think when he realized he had no case,” says Kight.

DeWine’s spokesman says lawmakers will now handle the question of how to dispose of fetal remains from abortions.