Lawmakers Plan to Change Ohio School Funding Formula

May 31, 2019

The speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives called the threat of a lawsuit from a central Ohio school superintendent “unfortunate.” The issue revolved around the 166 districts that are getting less money from the state than the school funding formula said they should.

Speaker Larry Householder says lawmakers plan to work on changing the school funding formula.

Delaware Schools Superintendent Paul Craft said he and other superintendents are prepared to file a lawsuit against the state, if it doesn’t address what’s known as the gain cap, which limits the money districts get from the state.

Householder says districts might feel like too much attention is paid to lower income districts.

“But, frankly, that’s the system that we have. We try to balance the funding as far as school districts that are able to take care of their own students and pass it out to districts that aren’t able to take care of their own students,” he said.

Householder says he’d like to work on separate legislation after the budget is passed.