LaRose Defends Choice of Blackwell for Transition Team

Nov 14, 2018

Ohio’s incoming Secretary of State is taking some heat over one of the people he has selected to co-chair his transition team – Ken Blackwell, who’s been blasting Democrats in the ongoing vote count in Florida. 

Frank LaRose says he picked Blackwell because he held the Secretary of State’s office for eight years – though his term was marked by lawsuits over various voting issues. But LaRose says Blackwell is also a staunch conservative.

“He represents a wing of the party that I’m not always identified with, maybe further to the right. JoAnn, Speaker Davidson, more centrist. I think that hearing from both of those voices is important.”

LaRose’s team also includes well-respected former Speaker JoAnn Davidson.  And as for Blackwell’s often inflammatory comments in interviews and on social media about unproven fraud in the Florida vote:

“I wouldn’t say those things but I won’t say I’m bothered by them either. Those are his words.”

During his time in the Ohio Senate, LaRose has called for a return to civility in politics.