Large School Districts Urge Changes to Proposed Funding Formula

May 6, 2019

Ohio’s eight urban school districts are calling for changes to the proposed overhaul of the state’s school funding formula. The large school districts say the formula doesn’t do enough to address economic disadvantages.

Eric Gordon is CEO of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. His district and most of the other seven urban districts in the Ohio 8 Coalition would not see an increase in funding through the new formula proposed by Representatives Bob Cupp (R-Lima) and John Patterson (L-Jefferson).

Gordon told a House committee that changes must be made. “While the effort was right and the great majority of Ohio districts have moved on to a real formula, it wasn’t significantly accounting for the needs of urban communities and large communities," Gordon said. 

Gordon points out that Cleveland would actually see additional funding under the current formula. He said the state still needs to find a long-term solution.