Kent State University Will Issue Some Refunds, Evaluate Italy Study Abroad Program In Coming Weeks

Mar 20, 2020

Kent State University President Todd Diacon says the school will refund students’ room and board this semester. In a Thursday Facebook Live session, Diacon outlined Kent’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic. He says the refunds could cost the university about $12 million.

“I will say this: that’s going to cause a significant hardship for the institution. It’s the right thing to do [and] we’re going to do it. I think most Ohio public universities are going to do it. You can also say that a lot of universities have decided not to refund. And my guess is, they’re looking at the same financial pressures we’re looking at.”

Diacon also discussed the school’s study abroad program in Italy. Students were re-called from the program three weeks ago and many of them self-quarantined after their return. Over the next two weeks, Diacon says they’re considering the future of the program for students who were already scheduled to go this summer and fall.

During the week of March 30, Kent State's Interim Senior Vice President and Provost Melody Tankersley and Dean of University College Eboni Pringle will also hold Facebook Live sessions.