Kent State Trustees Sign Off on a Property Deal with a Local School District

Sep 12, 2018

Kent State’s Geauga County campus is about to see a major building project.  But it’s not for the university.

Eric Mansfield, Executive Director of University Media Relations

The university board of trustees approved leasing some of the Kent campus in Burton to a local school system. In May, voters in the Berkshire School District approved a $28-million dollar bond issue to build a pre-K-through-12 complex on the site. 

Kent State spokesman Eric Mansfield says this is a partnership plan that’s actually been in the works for over a year. “So the students will see, as they’re in elementary school, middle school, high school levels, college right there.  They’ll see it as a natural progression of their education process. And not only that, our students who let's say work in education have a chance to work in the high school or middle school environment. We believe it’s a win-win.  Every one of our regional campuses has a different tie to its community.  This one really strengthens our ties to Geauga County.”

The Berkshire local school district serves Burton and parts of five surrounding townships.