Kent State Students Develop Technology for NASA

Jun 17, 2020

A team of Kent State University students is working on an idea that could become part of NASA’s future missions to the moon and Mars.

The team competed in NASA’s SUITS challenge … short for Spacesuit User Interface Technologies. NASA put out the call to university students across the country to come up with innovative spacesuit information displays. The team at Kent State placed in the top ten, with their helmet-based augmented-reality system which collects motion and biometric data.

Project leader Irvin Cardenas says their interdisciplinary team helped them stand out among the competitors.

“Two core parts of our team is made up of the fashion school and the advanced robotics research lab, and so we’re combining our efforts to also explore ways we can interact in space with robots.”

Cardenas hopes they will eventually be able to present their technology at the Johnson Space Center. The original event was canceled and held online due to the pandemic.