Kent State And The Cleveland Metropolitan School District Enter a New Partnership

Dec 15, 2015

 Kent State University and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District are working together to give high school students the chance to earn up to $4,800 in scholarships for good grades in college prep courses. The scholarships will be offered through Raise Labs, a nonprofit company that awards small scholarships to students based on grades.

David Garcia is the Associate Vice President of Strategic Management and Enrollment at Kent State. He says if the pilot program is successful they will expand.
Credit Kent State University

Dave Garcia is the associate vice president of strategic management and enrollment at Kent State. He says although the program is offered at other universities, the school will be giving students an extra incentive.

“What’s going to be different from other universities and colleges is that we are going to take these funds that they’ve earned and make them a stackable award, to say that if they are eligible for other outside Kent State scholarships, they will get those on top of the micro scholarships which they earned in high school,” Garcia says. 

Students will use the Raise Labs platform to submit their grades and see what scholarships they are eligible for. Garcia says if this pilot program is successful they will expand to other school districts.