Kent Native Works to Make Online Voting a Reality

Sep 9, 2018

A Kent-native is trying to make voting more fair and accessible.Pete Martin is the founder of Votem. It’s a mobile app that uses Blockchain technology, to let voters securely fill out ballots and cast their votes directly from a smart phone. 

“Each vote then goes into a series of servers that then mathematically validate that it’s a legitimate transaction and that you’re a verified voter. Once this consensus across all these different servers is reached, then and only then is it written to the digital ballot box and it’s chained to the votes before it.” 

Martin says the biggest reason why people don’t vote is because they can’t make it to the polling place.He is working with secretaries of state across the nation to allow for this technology to be used in the mainstream. This November, members of the military from Montana and Washington, D.C. who are serving overseas will be able to cast their vote through Votem.