Kent Church Vandalized For the Second Time

Oct 18, 2017

The Spelman Chapel AME Church in Kent has had two incidents of vandalism in the last few months.

A African-American church in Kent has been vandalized for the second time within the last few months.

The Spelman AME Church was covered in hateful messages and ‘satanic’ and ‘graphic’ images earlier this month according to the Rev. David Dawson.

This follows an incident in August where the front door window was broken.

Dawson, the supplied pastor at the church, says he doesn’t know why this occurred but believes it was likely racially motivated and has left the church feeling upset and confused.

“This portion of hate has been thrown up on us for whatever reason. We are very angry but yet we are civil. And we will continue to do the right thing and continue to pray for those who did what they did to us,” says Dawson.

A post made by the Spelman AME Church shortly after their most recent incident with vandalism.

Local faith organizations have reached out to support the Spelman Chapel and Dawson says the police were called and are following up on the incident.