Kasich Tells Summit That Ohio Won't Be a "Right to Work" State While He's Governor

Sep 20, 2018

Gov. John Kasich talked about one of his favorite subjects – partnering with community colleges to develop workers’ high tech skills – as he opened the Midwestern Governors Association workforce summit Wednesday.  He also talked about what he said won’t be changing when it comes to Ohio’s workforce.

Eight of the 12 midwestern states are so-called right to work states, which ban requiring that workers pay union dues as a condition of employment. But Kasich – who was a key backer of the collective bargaining reform law that was repealed by voters in 2011 – told attendees that Ohio won’t be.

“We are not a right to work state. We don’t intend to be, at least as long as I’m here – but I’m only here four more months. But I didn’t see it as any kind of advantage at all. And I hope we can maintain the integrity and respect our organized labor in our state,” he said.

The group also heard from Ford CEO Jim Hackett about another of Kasich’s top topics – autonomous vehicles – which Hackett says will dramatically redesign roads and transportation systems.