Kasich Questions Trump's Recent Criticism of the Media

Nov 12, 2018

Though he’s had some issues with the Statehouse press corps, Ohio’s governor is defending the role of the media.

John Kasich's comments come in the wake of the latest criticisms from President Donald Trump. 

Kasich has no problem firing back at Trump when they disagree.

Most recently Kasich says Trump’s assertion that the media is the "enemy of the people" is, in Kasich’s words, some of the most outrageous language he’s ever heard out of a political leader.

“The media is designed to keep those in power accountable to the people, and anytime you erode the media, any time you weaken the media, you make the big shots more powerful,” Kasich says.

Kasich’s comments come on the heels of the White House revoking a journalist’s credentials after a contentious press conference.