Judge Puts Cincinnati Officer's Retrial on Hold to Consider Media Access

May 30, 2017

Last year, a judge declared a mistrial when jurors were not able to deliver a verdict in the case of former police officer Ray Tensing, who shot and killed a black motorist in 2015.

Then University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing is accused of murdering Samuel Dubose during a traffic stop. And earlier trial ended in a hung jury.

Hamilton County Judge Leslie Ghiz sent potential jurors home early Tuesday, saying she wanted to wait on guidance from an appeals court on media access.

But just hours later, she rescinded her own press restrictions, making a planned hearing in the appeals court moot. Instead Ghiz will hold a hearing on Thursday to discuss what the media will and will not be allowed to do.

Meanwhile, attorney Al Gerhardstein spoke to reporters on behalf of the DuBose family.

“The family is very upset that the case is being delayed. I think it’s an awkward time, while you’ve got the jury identifying the case that they’re being called for. It would be good if we could proceed as quickly as possible.”

The family was also upset only one family member would have been allowed in the courtroom during jury selection.