Jackson Middle School Shooter had a Long Gun and Devices

Feb 20, 2018

Chief Mark Brink (left) speaks at a press conference Tuesday with Jackson Local Schools Superintendent Christopher DiLoreto (right).
Credit WKYC / WKYC

Authorities in Stark County have released some additional details on the shooting at Jackson Middle School this morning. 

Jackson Township Police Chief Mark Brink says a seventh-grade student shot himself in a school restroom. The chief says the unidentified student was carrying a long gun and “distractionary devices.”

Brink says the student was taken to the hospital by the fire department. It is unclear where he shot himself. No one else was injured.

“This investigation’s going to be ongoing. As far as intentions, we do not know that at this time. We will continue to work with the local resources that we have available to us. The one thing I want to do is to tell you that the main concern that we had today was the safety of the kids in this school. And the teachers.”

Authorities would not say where the student got the gun, or if he intended to harm anyone else.