Introducing the WKSU Pledge-Free Stream

Aug 10, 2018

Find detailed WKSU Member Portal and Pledge-Free Stream login instructions HERE.

DONATE HERE to be eligible to use the Pledge-Free Stream.

You asked for it and now you have it - introducing the WKSU Pledge-Free Stream! Listen to non-stop WKSU programming without fund drive interruptions with your WKSU Sustainer or Leadership Circle membership.

Now, during WKSU fund drives you have the ability to log into your WKSU Member Portal account and access a link to a WKSU Pledge-Free Stream at You can also listen to the Pledge-Free Stream through the WKSU Mobile App or by using the WKSU Alexa Skill on an Alexa-connected device, like the Amazon Echo.

The Pledge-Free Stream gives you all of WKSU’s news and information with extra programming in place of the fundraising talk. Because, as a WKSU Sustainer or Leadership Circle member, you understand the need to support public radio and you’ve already donated!