House, Senate Aiming for Renewable Energy Standards When They Return

Jun 30, 2017

Blue Creek Wind Farm in Van Wert County.

Lawmakers are about to take a long break after spending the last five months on the $65 billion budget, and leaders are already looking at what could be the next big issue in the Ohio House and Senate.

Lawmakers took out several energy-related provisions from the budget in exchange to revisit them later this year. 

That includes loosening the zoning restrictions on where wind turbines can be placed.

Republican Senate President Larry Obhof expects to address that issue along with decreasing renewable energy standards.

“I think that dealing with things like wind turbines along with those they’re obviously related issues so we’re gonna find common ground with the House, the Senate and the governor and see if we can make some improvement,” Obhof says.

Last year Gov. John Kasich vetoed a bill to get rid of the mandated use of renewable energy.