A Hemp Manufacturing Facility Is Coming to Glenville Neighborhood

Sep 24, 2018

A hemp manufacturing facility is hiring for its opening in January in the Glenville neighborhood of Cleveland.

North Coast Natural Solutions will bring 650 jobs to the area. The company plans to manufacture hemp products, such as hempcrete, a lightweight and biodegradable version of concrete.

Hemp is the fiber and seed part of the Cannabis plant, but it is legal and does not make a user high. CBD oil is made from it, and plans call for a 300-bed CBD wellness center on the development.

The man behind the project, Ty Williams, grew up in Glenville and wants to invest in improving the area.

“We’re putting the money back into our manufacturing facility and our workers and our workers’ needs. We understand at the end of the day, a happy worker or a proud worker translates into more profits because they’re going to be efficient, they’re going to be on time. We’ll have less turn; we’ll be able to keep those employees that we trained.”

The hemp facility will pay 17 dollars an hour, provide childcare, transportation for employees and their children, and health benefits.