Groups Call for Transparency in Referendum Fight

Sep 19, 2019

A lot of money is pouring into the fight to put the nuclear power plant bailout before voters. The scathing campaign against the referendum attempt has a collection of good government groups calling for campaign finance transparency. 

Pro-nuclear bailout groups have flooded the airwaves and mailboxes with ads that try to scare people into not signing the petition, claiming the effort is connected to Chinese government interests.

The pro-bailout group's agenda aligns closely with FirstEnergy Solutions. The anti-bailout group's agenda aligns closely with natural gas plants. But since they're both dark money organizations there's no way to know the actual donors.

Jen Miller with the League of Women Voters of Ohio, says without financial disclosure, there's no accountability for the companies shelling out the money.

"They probably wouldn't make those kinds of statements, if they were to be held accountable by their shareholders or by the public," Miller said. 

The groups want lawmakers to pass a bill that requires timely disclosure of donors.