Greater Cleveland Partnership CEO Outlines Upcoming Plans

Jun 11, 2017

Greater Cleveland Partnership CEO Joe Roman says his organization will look into development gains in the area like Opportunity Corridor and the Hough neighborhoods.

At the Greater Cleveland Partnership’s annual meeting this week, the regional chamber of commerce outlined its goals for the next few years. The focus will be on the workforce and on development outside downtown.

Greater Cleveland Partnership CEO Joe Roman says his organization has been focused on real estate and the city’s public schools.

“The last five-to-seven years has probably seen as much improvement in many of those areas as the city has probably seen in the last three or four generations,” he said.

So Roman says the partnership will dig into improving workforce training and expanding the development gains seen downtown to other parts of the city.

“Especially those around the Opportunity Corridor, for instance, the Hough neighborhoods, where we see some great potential, and the land available where you could really make some big changes in those neighborhoods, with the neighborhoods leading that effort," he said.

The Greater Cleveland Partnership, which includes 8,500 regional businesses, will complete its strategic plan during the summer.