Graduates Take a Final Walk Through Akron's Old Ellet High School

Oct 21, 2019

This fall, the Akron Public Schools opened a brand new high school for the Ellet community. Its 69-year old predecessor is set to be torn down. The district gave alums a chance to say a final goodbye to the old building over the weekend. We share a collection of their memories. 

From left, Helen Sutton ('56), Kim McMahan ('71), Carol Barnard ('55), Carolyn Hone ('55), and Nancy Edwards ('56) returned for the walk-through of Ellet on Saturday.

Ellet opened in 1950 for grades 7 through 12 before become a high school only. Additions were added in 1957 and 1975. Akron Public Schools has until the end of the year to clear out any materials they want to salvage, with an auction slated for the spring.

Dennis Loughry ('76, left) and Terry Vernon ('57) are still active in the Ellet High School alumni association.

Once the old Ellet High School is demolished next year, the site will be turned into athletic fields for the new Ellet CLC nearby.