Governor-Elect Dewine Announces New Cabinet Appointments

Jan 3, 2019

Governor-elect Mike DeWine is announcing more cabinet positions as he moves closer to taking over as the state’s top executive. That announcement includes an historic appointment.

DeWine nominated Annette Chambers-Smith as director of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.

If approved, Chambers-Smith would be the first woman to lead Ohio’s prisons system.

Dewine says the two have discussed criminal justice reform, which includes prison overpopulation and recidivism.

“As we move toward prison reform, which we believe is important -- or criminal justice reform -- the safety of the public must always be the most important consideration,” he said.

DeWine also picked former lawmaker Jeff McClain as tax commissioner and assistant Secretary of State Matt Damschroder as head of Department of Administrative Services, which has been the focus of questions about unfair contracting practices.