Gov. Kasich Remains Undecided on Signing a Bill Requiring Voters to Post Bonds

Jun 14, 2016

Gov. John Kasich answers questions from the press

Gov. John Kasich has not yet signed thebill  that would require the posting of a cash bond by those asking for court orders to keep polls open late. 

Kasich says he doesn’t want a situation where judges order polls to be open late based on something that’s on social media. But when it comes to requiring voters to post a bond to pay pollworker overtime costs before a judge could order polls to stay open late, Kasich says he’s not sure that’s necessary.

“The judges today already have the authority to say that you have to post a bond, but I don’t know if they know about it or have ever done it. So so is it unreasonable -- because it’s in the law now -- is it unreasonable to draw their attention to it now? You know I’m looking at it and I’m sort of undecided and I want to think about it a little bit longer.”

Kasich says if there’s a legitimate reason to keep polls open, he thinks voters should have that opportunity. He says he wishes lawmakers had consulted his office earlier in the process of drafting this bill.