Goodyear Volunteers Building STEM-based Escape Room At National Inventors Hall of Fame School

Jun 3, 2019

About two dozen Goodyear employees will build the escape room this week, which will allow students to use math and science skills to get out.
Credit Akron Public Schools

Volunteers from Goodyear will begin work Monday constructing an escape room that requires Akron Public School students to use STEM skills to find a way out.

The escape room at the National Inventors Hall of Fame Middle School will challenge students with science, technology, engineering and math problems. It’s the second escape room that Goodyear has made for the Akron Public Schools: last year, company volunteers made one for the Inventors Hall of Fame High School. Community Engagement Manager Joni Fitch says the rooms can be adapted to different grade levels.

“I believe it’s set to algebra right now, but we’ve also had it set to geometry. They do change the problems here and there. They are different activity based. So each problem, they have to do some type of an activity.”

The theme for the middle school’s escape room is a Talladega ticket office, while the high school’s room is constructed to look like a Goodyear store.