The Fall of the Cuyahoga Falls Dams Travels with the Smithsonian

Apr 20, 2016

Last days of the dams that were built to power mills in 1914.

A time-lapse video of the last days of two Cuyahoga Falls dams is now part of a traveling Smithsonian Institution exhibit.

The Dam Cam consolidated in about two minutes some 15,000 images from the two weeks in the  2013 it took to tear down the nearly 100 year-old dams. It blends in the "William Tell Overture" and heavy pounding of the equipment on the Mill and LeFever Powerhouse dams. The Smithsonian Institution exhibit is called “Water/Ways and will be set up in five states this year and keep traveling through 2012.

Here’s the YouTube video.

And here’s a link to more on the exhibit.