Equality Ohio Opens LGBTQ Free Legal Clinic

Mar 26, 2019

An Ohio LGBTQ advocacy group has launched a new service to help citizens with legal questions and problems.  

Equality Ohio is offering a free clinic to guide LGBT citizens through legal dilemmas they may face. Managing Legal Director Maya Simek said her office gets many questions related to discrimination as well as divorces, adoptions and other family law. She said the clinic will direct citizens to resources they can trust.

“We want to be able to provide that option for redress for members of the LGBTQ community, both internally within the scope of Equality Ohio, while also creating external resources from our members of the profession, members of the community, and a list of folks that people can look at and know that they will be safe going to," Simek said. "I think that is just so, so important.”

“People were not familiar with issues within the LGBTQ community or were not comfortable with them, so when they went seeking assistance, they weren’t necessarily sure that they were going to be seen and respected for who they were.”

The clinic is funded through multiple grants. It can be accessed by calling 855-LGBT-LAW. The who need assistance can also fill out an intake form online.