Environmentalists Criticize New Energy 'Bailout' Bill

Jul 16, 2019

Environmental advocates say the Senate’s new energy plan is taking Ohio in the wrong direction when it comes to emerging energy sources and innovations. That plan would likely bail out two nuclear power plants through new charges on electric bills.

The latest proposal would create a new 85-cent fee on monthly electric bills, with most of the money going to nuclear. It also subsidizes coal plants through a $1.50 fee.

To offset the cost to ratepayers, Republican lawmakers want to weaken renewable energy requirements and get rid of energy efficiency programs.

Dan Sawmiller with the Natural Resources Defense Council, said the plan boils down to four major steps.

“It’s a nuclear bailout, a coal bailout, a reduction in incentives for new renewable energy projects that’s driving new economic development in the state, and a complete elimination of our energy efficiency program in the state which is driving new economic activity in the state of Ohio. So it certainly seems to be a step backwards,” he said.

The bill could receive a full Senate vote later this week.