Ending the Stigma Behind Suicide Is Key to Ohio's New Prevention Initiative

Apr 14, 2016

Meine-Graham's son committed suicide in 2012. She spoke to state officials about the important steps to take if someone is contemplating suicide.

The state is rolling out a ramped-up suicide prevention initiative, which takes on the issue from several angles, including raising awareness and training.

The $2 million effort expands intervention access for college students, raises awareness about the signs of possible suicide, and creates a crisis hotline.

Denise Meine-Graham of Worthington shared her son’s story. He died by suicide in 2012. She says there’s a very important step for friends and family to take when they think a loved one might be thinking about suicide.

“If someone’s not acting quite right, you’re concerned about them for whatever reason, don’t be afraid to ask, ‘Are you having thoughts of suicide?’ We have to be comfortable asking that question,” Meine-Graham said.

The state also launched a website to help in the effort: it’s SuicidePrevention.Ohio.gov.