Education Leaders of Color Calls for More Racial Diversity in School Takeovers

Jul 16, 2019

As the state considers changing the school takeover model for struggling districts, a group is calling on lawmakers to make sure students and school leaders of color are represented. The group says local experts need to be part of the conversation.

Academic Distress Commissions are designed to take over failing school districts from the local school boards by handing control to an appointed CEO.

The national advocacy group Education Leaders of Color, is calling on lawmakers to consider three things in changing the process. The group’s Victor Ruiz says they want leaders with proven experience, community leaders of color and more funding.

"Students of color are impacted at higher levels by these school takeover processes. And that’s why ensuring that the community is engaged deeply is so critical to this,” Ruiz said.

Lawmakers have been debating making changes to the takeover process in the budget bill, which is still stuck in negotiations. Among those possible changes is a repeal and replace plan.