Earthquake in Eastlake Measured 4.0 Officials Say

Jun 10, 2019

Residents of Lake County were shaken Monday morning by an earthquake in Eastlake that officials now say registered 4.0.

Fire Chief Ted Whittington said the quake struck around 10:50 in the morning and lasted no longer than five seconds.

“So right now we’re kind of monitoring, because of the time of the day during the week we realize that there weren’t a lot of people at home when the quake actually happened. We’re running regular calls, so we’re doing our regular EMS and fire calls that we would normally see on a given day, so we’re just kind of at this point monitoring.”

Whittington said a 2.2 aftershock followed the initial quake, but no damage or injuries have been reported. He said some residents have indicated cabinet doors came open and a dish may have fallen out, but no home damage has been reported. And he said an assessment of critical infrastructure and construction projects has indicated no issues.