DeWine Wants Focus on His 'STRONG Ohio' Bill Despite 'Stand Your Ground' Hearings

Nov 25, 2019

Lawmakers are preparing to have more hearings on a bill that makes it easier to use lethal force as self-defense in a threatening situation. But Gov. Mike DeWine is calling on the legislature to prioritize another bill before "Stand Your Ground." 

DeWine has said he supports the "Stand Your Ground" bill, but he wants lawmakers to turn their attention to his so-called "STRONG Ohio" bill that creates a private sales background check and increases the ability to institutionalize someone deemed to be a threat to themselves.

"I think we should focus on our 'STRONG Ohio' legislation. We put a lot of work into that. The legislature has already started hearings on that," he said.

Supporters of "Stand Your Ground" say removing the "duty to retreat" will allow people to protect themselves in dangerous situations in public. Critics fear it can increase gun deaths.

"STRONG Ohio’s" sponsor, Republican Sen. Matt Dolan, has said he hopes “Stand Your Ground” won’t be folded into his bill.