DeWine Tells Akron Business Leaders Gas Tax Hike Will Benefit Economy

Mar 13, 2019

Gov. Mike DeWine was in Akron Wednesday, telling business leaders that his proposed increase in the state gas tax is crucial for Ohio’s economy.

Speaking at a business roundtable at the University of Akron, DeWine said his increase of 18 cents was a better solution for fixing roads and bridges compared to the 10.7-cent hike in the House version of the Transportation budget, which passed with bipartisan support.  DeWine says the lower number will only maintain current road quality, which is bad for business.

“You can do all the other things and if, frankly, the roads are falling apart, companies are not going to expand, they’re not going to come here, the areas of Ohio that are growing are not going to be able to continue to grow," DeWine said. 

The Ohio Business Roundtable, a nonpartisan group of CEOs of many Ohio companies, also supports an increase in the tax, but did not specify an amount.