Dettelbach Becomes the First Democrat in 2018's Race for Ohio Attorney General

May 30, 2017

Steve Dettelbach served as the U.S. Attorney for Northern Ohio for seven years before stepping down from the position last year.

The Democratic ticket for next year's ballot continues to fill up. A candidate whose expressed interest in the attorney general’s office has officially announced he’s running.

Steve Dettelbach stepped down as U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio last year. He’s been at Democratic gatherings stressing his 20-plus years of experience in fighting corruption, drugs and terrorism.

His likely opponent will be Republican Dave Yost, the former Delaware County prosecutor who’ll be finishing an eight-year term as state auditor. Dettelbach says he’s not intimidated that Yost may have better name recognition.

“I’m not a career politician. I haven’t spent my life running for one office and running for the next office and planning what the next one is after that. I’m an attorney and prosecutor.

For now, Dettelbach is the only Democrat in the AG’s race. Four Democrats have announced they’re running for governor, and Rep. Kathleen Clyde is running for Secretary of State