Democrats Say Ohio House Is Spending Too Much Time on Wrong Issues

Nov 21, 2019

Leaders of the Republican dominated Ohio Legislature have expressed frustration in recent weeks that more of the bills they consider “priorities” have not been passed by lawmakers. But Democrats in the House say they think lawmakers are spending too much time debating the wrong issues.

Democrats say there are bills, many with bipartisan support, that deal with kinship care, family leave and healthcare. But Minority Leader Emilia Sykes (D-Akron) says the legislature is spending too much time on divisive bills that don’t benefit Ohio’s families.

“I do believe that the legislature’s priorities have been misplaced in spending a lot of time on abortion bans and gun legislation that people have not asked for.”

Sykes was among 27 of 38 Democrats who supported Larry Householder over Ryan Smith as Speaker. Sykes says Democrats want lawmakers, regardless of political party, to pass family friendly bills that she says Ohioans support.