Dayton Mayor Endorses Ballot Issue on Gun Sale Background Checks

Oct 16, 2019

The group, Ohioans for Gun Safety, is moving full steam ahead on its drive to put a ballot issue on gun sale background checks before Ohio voters. It continues collecting signatures for the petition effort, and it got a boost Wednesday from the mayor of a city that recently dealt with a mass shooting. 

Last week, Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley stood with Gov. Mike DeWine as he laid out his gun reform plan. She said she was not happy that universal background checks are not part of it. Now, Whaley is endorsing the petition drive to put the background check issue on the ballot next fall.

“The only answer is stronger limitations on access to guns. 21 other states have already closed the background check loophole. It is time for Ohio to do the same," Whaley said. "Research shows universal background checks are among the most effective steps we can take to reduce gun violence.”

Whaley says 90% of Ohioans favor background checks for all gun sales. She says without the threat of a referendum, the Republican dominated General Assembly will not pass a bill to require them.