Davey Tree Adding Space and Jobs at Kent Headquarters

Nov 5, 2019

One of Kent’s largest businesses is expanding its headquarters and expects to add as many as 200 support workers as it grows over the next decade. Davey Tree Expert Company said the expansion will begin next spring and double the size of its current headquarters building located at 1500 N. Mantua St.

The headquarters expansion is one of two projects the company is planning. The other is a new science and learning center expected to be built in the next five to ten years. Davey will locate the center on the site of the old Oak Knolls East golf course, which it acquired several years ago.

Sandee Reid is vice president of corporate communications and strategic planning administration. She says they are expanding their roots in Kent to accommodate growth.

“We do have a footprint throughout the city and we anticipate continuing to have that in addition to housing our support group at the corporate headquarters and planning for future growth and needs.”

Reid said the headquarters project will take about 18 months costing nearly $16 million.

Davey Tree anticipates it will employ up to 22,000 workers around the country in the next 10 years.

Davey Tree's master plan for the next 10 years.

Editor's note: This story has been updated to reflect the separate projects and differing timelines involved in this expansion.