Cuyahoga Valley National Park Preparing for X-Tinguish Torch Fest This Friday

Jun 18, 2019

Officials at Cuyahoga Valley National Park are preparing for this week’s 50th anniversary of the final Cuyahoga River fire.

The “X-tinguish Torch Fest” will symbolically bring a torch down the river on Friday.

The national park’s Maureen Finnerty says they’ve been working for several years on ways to focus people on the rebirth of the Cuyahoga since 1969.  And that includes having the river designated by the state as a Water Trail.

“We want to continue this work into the future.  We talk about the Water Trail as becoming a lasting legacy of this anniversary, but that is something that will benefit the people of Ohio for many, many years to come.”

As part of the Water Trail designation, new signage would be added along the river to alert people about dams or low bridges.

For Torch Fest, there will be a ceremony at 2:30 p.m. Friday near the Brecksville Dam, which is slated for removal this year.