Cuyahoga Valley National Park Offering A Way to 'Find Your Virtual Park'

Apr 21, 2020

Officials at Cuyahoga Valley National Park are celebrating National Park Week with online content for visitors who are trying to practice social distancing.

Nationwide, the park system has launched “Find Your Virtual Park” on platforms including Facebook and YouTube. Parks’ spokeswoman Pamela Barnes says anyone can take a trivia quiz about the parks, listen to a podcast, or view a webcam.

“We also have a virtual passport cancellation stamp. If you know about the National Park passport system – you go into the visitor center and get your stamp – we know you can’t physically get your stamp now. So lots of parks have a virtual passport stamp.”

Online content from Cuyahoga Valley National Park includes a podcast on the archaeology of Native Americans in Northeast Ohio, and a history of farming in what is now the park.