Curated Storefront Puts Art at Downtown Akron's Street Level

Feb 25, 2018

Passing through downtown Akron will now be a little more colorful thanks to a project called Curated Storefront.

The project puts art installations in buildings at street-level, including vacant spaces, in an effort to make urban areas more welcoming. There are 13 installations in all.

Creative Director Courtney Cable says she hopes the project brings more people to downtown Akron.

“I would love for them to get to know the artist a little bit more.  Even just to experience the artwork and have like a ‘Oh, this is nice.’ We want them to be able to walk downtown and be comfortable and explore new spaces.”

The project raised $100,000 as a 2016 Knight Arts grantee and another $100,000 in matching funds. The money goes toward the artists and maintaining the installation spaces. The works will rotate every few months.