Cleveland's Public Square is Rededicated After a Year-Long Construction Project

Jun 30, 2016

Cleveland rededicated Public Square today after a year-long, $50 million renovation. Clevelanders gathered in the space for the ceremony.

Greater Cleveland Partnership Chairman Tony Coyne spoke about the civic meaning of the redesigned space.

“This public square is a public square in the truest sense of the word 'public.' The voices of Clevelanders shaped this space, and what you see around us today is a result of Clevelanders’ passion —both your practical and visionary ideas that have come to life in a very dramatic fashion. This is your public square.”

The old square was bisected by two major streets. Now, only buses and bikes can pass -- and only along Superior Avenue. The area focuses instead on pedestrians and places to relax. 

People visiting the green space were impressed by its open feel, featuring a large green space for events and recreation, a cafe and a water feature.

As she cooled off in the shallow reflection pool, Kathleen Sonhalter raved about the renovation,

"I’m quite delighted by the opportunity for us to hang out and interact with other Clevelanders. I will probably be coming down here, meeting up with friends for bike rides. We’ll probably use this as a gathering place. And just coming down to take a stroll through and cool off.  I love this water feature."     

The city hopes to use Public Square for year-round programming such as concerts in warmer weather and an ice-skating rink in the winter.