Cleveland State University Creates Entrepreneurship Lab

Jan 3, 2018

Colette Hart is Senior Director of the Centers for Outreach and Engagement in the Cleveland State University College of Business. She says the new entrepreneurship lab will foster creative thinking and channel resources for start-ups.

Cleveland State University is creating a new lab focused on giving entrepreneurs the tools they need to launch their ideas.

The lab, which will be hosted in the university’s College of Business, will provide workshops, speakers and educational coursework on entrepreneurship.

Colette Hart is the senior director of outreach for the College of Business. She says the goal is to inspire creative thinking and innovation.

“Entrepreneurship is really very much a practice. So we wanted to provide a space where they could take what (students) were learning and apply it. The idea is to create a minimally viable product or service and minimize the risk along the way.”

Hart says the curriculum could include areas of marketing, applying ideas and creating pitches for products.

The center will be funded by a $1 million gift from Cleveland real estate company Weston Inc., which will also provide some services for it.