Cleveland RTA Riders Face Either Fare Hikes or Service Cuts

Apr 5, 2016

RTA riders could see higher fares or fewer services as the agency seeks ways to balance its budget.

Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority passengers are facing either higher fares or less service as the public transportation provider works to close a $7 million budget gap.

State funding cuts are blamed for the bulk of the shortfall. RTA spokesman Jerry Masek says the agency is considering a 25 cent fare increase that would raise the cost of a basic ticket to $2.50.

Other possibilities, he says, include eliminating some routes, or reducing others.

Masek says  trains may only run until 8:00 at night instead of going to 10:00 pm, and a few routes are proposed to reduce the frequency.

"Instead of every 15 minutes it would be every half hour. And each time we reduce service in a certain area there is a great amount of savings because these savings occur everyday we’re in business.”

Masek says RTA will submit its recommendation to its board of directors on April 26th.  RTA has been holding public hearings on the proposed fare increase and service cuts.

Masek says most riders say they would rather pay more than lose service.