Cleveland MidTown Co-Working Space Opens Its Doors

Jun 3, 2018

A non-profit tech company is launching a new co-working space in Cleveland’s MidTown neighborhood.DigitalC has created The MidTown Tech Hive. It includes rentable working space with individual desks and offices for up to eight people, as well as the usual necessities such as WiFi and printers. Adam King is the director of marketing and outreach for DigitalC. He says the space is different than other co-working facilities because it tries to help empower communities that would otherwise be ignored. This includes extending the building’s WiFi network to the surrounding neighborhood, free of charge. 

“If someone wants to literally just play video games on it, I want them to play video games on it,” he says. “If someone wants to start a new job or business, I want to help them start a new business. If I can put people on the same playing field as people who are more advantaged, that’s how I know I’ve done a worthwhile thing.”

 The building is already open to the public, but its official grand opening will be in September.